The Aussieporean
The Aussieporean
Food and Life of an In-Between


Hybrid & History 

Born and raised in the outback kampong of southern Singapore, the eldest grandson of migrant grandparents. Descendants of hardworking  coffee startup entreprenuers of the murky 1940s, original hipsters from the Fujian province.

My grandparents were part of the tapestry of early coffee merchant settlers in Singapore contributing to what we now know to be the Singapore coffeeshop culture - made iconic by brands like Ya-Kun and Toastbox.

As a child my memories of waking up was always the smell of fresh toasted white sandwiches filled with a generous slather of sweet kaya and chunky slices of cold butter, dipped into soy and white pepper infused soft boiled eggs. It is a mouthful of joy when you bite into that light but crunchy toast, cold butter melting in your mouth, the comforting texture of the warm egg yolk and fragrant pandan coconut jam - celebration of life as we knew it. Food was an experience and as a child, I was surrounded by the humble prosperity of food and produce, spices and flavours that were unique to the south side of Asia.

When I migrated to Melbourne, Australia, these elements of my heritage entered my kitchen as I began to learn (mostly out of necessity) how to create these dishes in a new country I now call home. Adapting and creating in the kitchen is a joy in itself, being able to feed and let that translate into stories and conversations, even in disastrous results from these adaptations.

This blog has evolved from a journal of my food-ventures in and outside of the kitchen, to a journal of life living in the in-between. Diaspora but not quite.

Based in Miami, Florida for most of 2016.
Currently based in Hong Kong!