Dusting Off

Dusting Off

As it occurs, it's been 9 months since I updated this canvas. Been distracted with trying to get ahead in life, that I haven't taken pause to write and capture life on these shores. I find myself questioning the inertia without the proper words. Have I lost it? Why was it different in Miami? I was blogging, busy researching, creating, cooking, baking and diarising my discoveries. And since moving to Hong Kong, the blog has shifted from being purely a food blog, to a life of an in-between, a diaspora thrice removed.

Coming to a big city hits you hard. There's no space to daydream and be lost in your passion and creation. You're forced to look at your wallet and bank account. Such has led my hands to handle the entrepreneurial wheel for the sake of profit, profit to stay above the water and profit, so that I can do something nice for the ones close to my heart. Hustling, the quiet head-down-butts-up struggle to make something for the future.

Pause, still, needs to happen. Needs to be deliberate. To dig deep and burrow with words. And create. I must not let life take me on. I must push back. Between freelance work, investing and building a small legacy, I need to remember why.

The year had gotten off to a flurry start - ideas around making an airbnb out of our rental home, selling wares, all in the name of making an extra buck to stay afloat. And every step of the way a pragmatic roadblock. Feels like I've been running in circles. But the struggle has yielded some good crops to help pay bills while allowing us to take a short holiday in Melbourne - to let the boy meet the rest of my Melbourne family and a glimpse into what life might look like, when we eventually move. A vision that keeps us sane while we traverse this phase of life.

So several months ago, a landmark ruling happened in the high court of Hong Kong, now effectively allowing foreign expats to apply for a dependant visa for their same sex partner. Hopefully this opens up opportunities to allow me to find some income generating work. Or do some internship at a bakery or kitchen somewhere.

But for now, I need to get back to making things again. For too long, meals at home have been quick fixes and money saving get-bys. When you stop watering the grass you stand on, life becomes rather unliveable. And when I stop creating, I stop living.

So, here's to living, more writing, cooking, baking and posting recipes that reminds me of who I am.

Below: Snapshot of bakes and food I made over the year. Most of them have been updated somewhat regularly on my Instagram. So I guess you can say I've still been blogging, on a micro level. 

Asian Australian food adventures in and out of the kitchen. Around the world. Like an oyster searching for it's pearl.