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Easy Keto 3-Ingredient Meal

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Easy Keto 3-Ingredient Meal

We've all been there. On nights when you really don't feel like cooking or donning your domestic goddess apron. Because I don't know, work day's been long and the weather is uninspiring and the commute home was the biggest belch ever.

And before you know it, we kick ourselves off our healthy eating goals. McDonalds is my guilty pleasure and excuse. I've been there. Many nights when I am feeling down, when the husband is away for work the entire week, I end up eating badly because there's no one to cook for and it feels sad and lonely to cook for one person. 

But when you have a goal, you have a goal. You stick to it and you commit. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Even if you need to do a quick duck into the supermarket after a long commute home. And it’s also frugal on the wallet. Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive. Forget buying expensive salads (Hong Kong, amirite?) from those hipster chains.

Canned food is one of the best kind to stock up when hunkering down for a hurricane or typhoon.

Canned food is one of the best kind to stock up when hunkering down for a hurricane or typhoon.

Also, this recipe is also typhoon and hurricane friendly, while keeping with the goal of eating clean. If you’ve ever prepared for a typhoon or hurricane, you would stock up on food. Most conventional wisdom would be to get instant noodles and frozen microwaveable food. Well, in the situation of a hurricane, the power might shut and the gas might be cut. That would make cooking impossible. Forget using the microwave. One trick is to stock up on canned food. They don’t require cooking and you can eat them out of the can if you are out of power.

Well, here's a recipe that is somewhat inspired by that, as it,

1. Does not require cooking,
2. Has minimal washing,
3. Whipped up in no time,
4. Did I say keto-friendly?

Honestly if you're like me, you think salad and you think oh dear, all that shredding and cutting. I’ve chosen very low maintenance veggies - cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

Honey, you don't even need to cut if you don't want to. This recipe is so simple and honestly quite satisfying, you'd probably make them for the whole week, if you are that lazy. Again, feel free to adapt and change it around.

3 Ingredient Keto Meal

  • Can of Salmon (preferably in oil)
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Optional: cracked pepper, cayenne, paprika, grated parmesan cheese, poppy seeds, coriander, shallots for garnishing. If you have them in your pantry why not?
  • Takes , Serves 1 or more.

    1. Slice cucumbers into desired thickness or cubes.
    2. Slice cherry tomatoes in halves. Or leave them whole.
    3. Put cucumbers and tomatoes into base of a salad bowl.
    4. Open can of salmon and using a fork, pick out the chunks of salmon, place on top of bed of salad. You may add a squeeze of lemon juice and add garnishes as desired.
    5. Eat up. Live long and prosper.

Like I mentioned, if you don't have access to a knife to cut and don't have utensils to wash, just eat them out of the packaging and can like a deconstructed bento box. You can pretty much eat off the cucumber after washing. A little barbaric I know, but you're already not cooking, so who cares. Most cherry tomatoes come in a plastic tub anyway, just wash and you're in business.

Options for protein

If you can't find salmon, there's plenty of canned fish (even canned chicken) to choose from. I recommend Sardines over Tuna though, only because they are way lower in mercury. We know how notoriously mercury laden tuna is. A lot of supermarkets carry smaller single serve cans of fish, if you are looking at dinner for one, so you probably don’t need to worry about having to store the rest.

For greens, you can also sub cucumbers with celery if you prefer.

I served mine with a sneaky squeeze of japanese mayo.

I served mine with a sneaky squeeze of japanese mayo.

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