Fam Bam In Fukuoka Part Two

Lots of eating joy + roadtrip + shopping and japan KFC. Yes! It started raining heavily so we were really glad we got a car to drive around. Street food in Dazaifu shrine area, Hyoutan Sushi in Tenjin, lots of outlet shopping and a surprise izakaya find!

Melbourne 3 Day Road Trip Itinerary

Tried, tested and friends verified. This is the best 3 day Melbourne road trip plan covering key areas of the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Mount Dandenong and the Great Ocean Road. I’ve used this itinerary with varying tweaks over many trips. There is also a handy infographic for the road trip too, including my favourite places for coffee and food!

Driving In Japan (And Best Place to Rent A Car)

Driving in Japan comes with it’s own unique quirks unknown to the outside world. Same same but different. Drivers here are polite. Renting a car and driving in Japan is beautiful experience to see Japan. Here, I share some of my experiences about Japanese rules on speeding, highway codes, tolls, parking and general rules you need to follow in order to have a great time driving about this beautiful country. Also, my personal favourite on best and cheapest rental cars in Japan.

Japan Travel Tips - When In Japan

Japan is a country with it’s own way of life. At first it may seem strange from the outside but once you lean in a little, it will all start to make sense. If you are going to Japan for the first time, or even if you have been, you might find this list useful. Here are a list of things that I encountered in my travels recently.

Japan Travel Tips - Before You Fly

If you are going to Japan for the first time, here are a few essential tips before you fly. I went to Japan for the first time on my own and made so many noob travel mistakes. My folly for you benefit. In the first part of my japan travel tips blog, I’ll break it down to a few basics and some not-so-obvious basics.

Easy Keto 3-Ingredient Meal

No cooking required. You know those days you are just too busy to eat healthy? We’ve all been there. Or, when you are travelling, no access to a kitchen to make keto-friendly meals. Well, this recipe ought to give you ideas to get you started. Also, this is hurricane and typhoon friendly!