Moonshine No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

I know what you're thinking. Moonshine? Isn't that disgusting? Not quite. I have been meaning to make no-churn vanilla ice cream for a while now. Since the big move, we have found it hard to find large basic tubs of ice cream. America makes you want everything in plus sizes. Supermarkets within walking distance in our area are more like the glorified 7-Eleven stores, selling varieties in small tubs with all kinds of premium flavours priced with a convenience tax. Somedays you just want a big massive 2 litre tub...

No Carb Fish Congee

The weather in Hong Kong has dipped below 18 and I often wake up freezing. I officially regret not buying a heater for the home. It looks like it's going to be colder this weekend. Oh the cost of being miserly.... brrrr. Guess one turns to food... but no-carb congee? Is that even a thing?

Macau Day Trip

Over the weekend, we made a short day trip to Macau, a settlement much like Hong Kong under China rule but effectively an autonomous country on it's own, a Special Administration Region. So, like Hong Kong, Macau is part of China, but isn't considered China.

Auld Lang 2016

2016 has been a great year. Even though the world at large seems to have taken a beating with the passing of heroes and legends and what with the impending doom on the global political front. Personally, this past season has been one of the best. And I am thankful for an amazing year.

Breaking Habits

The challenge of cooking without much kitchen tools has never been more real till now. As a self professed goddess of home cuisine, I am nothing without my chopping board, knives, mixing bowl, pans, pots, oven and kitchen aid. Bare bones is what it is right now. It will be way after Christmas before we see any of our Miami kitchen tools. I am severely missing them.

Same Same But Different

Get ready for shoebox living! My friend quipped, when news broke that we were moving to Hong Kong. As you'd have known by now, we've crossed oceans to a vastly different part of the world. One that is somewhat familiar, yet strange in many ways. Strange because we are not used to how things work here. Familiar, because it looks like the kind of concrete jungle we grew up on.

Bracing For Impact

'Isn't it weird that two guys are renting an apartment together in Hong Kong? Very strange.' Those words tumbled out, pregnant with insinuation. I had not seen it coming. In that moment, I dug deep into the recesses of my being to muster up a poker face and smile. I had no answer or response to that conjecture and simply looked away but inside I felt like someone had stabbed a hole through the window with a rock.

First Impressions: Hong Kong

We arrived late into the night after laying over in Chicago and Tokyo, some 30 hours later. We had expected to be greeted with winter but it was still a mild 25ÂșC. Can I just say at this point, it is surreal to switch back to celsius? I never had any formula for the conversion but it would have never helped because numbers don't mean anything till you experience how it feels.

An Impromptu Roadtrip

Always loved driving. Maybe it is an introvert thing. Long drives, road signs floating by, each horizon sliding to the left and right and with each frame a new refresh of something new. Especially those country or coastal drives. Who doesn't love them?

Handmade Pasta and Noodles

Hurricane Matthew has just passed us here at South Florida. What a relief! A Category 4 Hurricane is no laughing matter. It is the kind of storm that rips out roofs and windows. We were told to stay indoors for two days. We were fortunate to not suffer any power outage. Naturally I filled my hours with a lot of cooking, baking and pasta making! Being a hurricane prone city state, officials and media were putting out press releases and warnings to get everyone prepared. Within 48 hours, the entire city is on lockdown with no one in the streets. No evacuation orders. So, homes were fully stocked with supplies, water, torch lights and a list of emergency items to stay indoors and wait out the hurricane. 

A Selah Moment

Fall is officially here. But here in Florida, you don't quite feel that dramatic change of season yet. It's still mostly sunshine state and the pumpkin spice latte takes a while to kick in. Temperatures are still above the 80s (Fahrenheit, or 30 celsius), even though we are in the hurricane season in the east coast. This week, the weather channel is tracking Hurricane Matthews, which is sweeping across Jamaica heading towards the Bahamas as we speak...

Century Egg Oats Congee

Yes, you heard it right. I have a neck for creating Franken-recipes. If you followed my instagram, you would have witnessed some of the epic disasters. You only learn by failing. And if you fail often, you learn much. This, however was one of those happy accidents that came from a calculated risk. Having fallen in love with steel-cut oats a week ago, I have been imagining possibilities with my new found ingredient.

Peanut Butter Steel Cut Oats

Oats are good for you. But, did you know that not all oats are the same? There are basically two types - steel cut oats and rolled oats. The latter being the more common instant cooking ones. Although, if you look at the nutritious profile, there is very little difference. The key is in the glycemic index. What does that mean? It is a number that basically measures blood sugar spikes after eating. Higher the GI, higher the spike. Which isn't great, unless you are a high performance athlete.

Sake Miso Pork Steak

Cooking pork chops is an art. The marinating is one part that involves time and the cooking part is time sensitive. Grill too long and you won't get the perfect texture. Too little and it doesn't pack enough flavour. Or worse, undercooked. You don't want an undercooked pork. It's actually not safe for consumption. There is a universal rule I learnt. And it's cooked to perfection in just 10 minutes!

4 Ingredient Matcha Butter Cookies

I love Matcha. Paired with my favourite tea time bites, lifts my day. The wonder powder is such a great ingredient for baking. This is the delightful green eggs and ham that is good for you. If you are familiar with the green tea powder, you would know all the good benefits it gives you. Who knew green looking monsters like these are so yummy!

Low Carb Danish

I love bread. Oprah does too. But when your body tends to store them as flab it becomes forbidden fruit. Till now. Introducing a low carb bread that is super easy to make. With only 4 ingredients! Completely flourless and high in protein. Bread? Yes. And these delectable little monsters can be made in just under an hour, including baking time!

Cauliflower, The Potato Alternative

Low carb and a vegetable that is actually good for you. Cauliflower has been the best discovery since quinoa and garbanzo beans. The texture is similar to that of a potato and pumpkin and it's one of the best alternative to dishes requiring a side of potato mash. In my fitness journey and learning to augment my relationship with food, this has been the best find.