Chwee Kueh Deconstructed

Chwee Kueh Deconstructed

So one Sunday morning, I decided it was a fun experiment to try and conjure up images of warm hawker Tiong Bahru days and make Chwee Kueh.

Or not. The thing about using a recipe found on Pinterest isn't the most fail proof. The pictures look great and recipe simple enough. Except, making Chwee Kueh is actually a delicate art. They are lying when they say it is easy. Don't believe it.

I found said recipe and followed it to the T and instead of Kueh, i ended up with... glue.


It does look Instagram worthy and some have commented it looks quite the deconstructed south east asian water cake. 

My good friend who is also a foodie sent me this recipe instead and it made so much more sense. I hate it when recipe over simplify it. The key word here is reduce. Which is where the kung fu of a cook comes in.  

What contributed to my disaster is probably,
1. Did not use a whisk to combine the rice flour mixture. Which should have been the case.
2. The boiling water should be added to the rice flour mixture and slowly brought to the boil instead of the other way round as described by the earlier recipe.
3. The final mixture consistency needs to be the result of a reduction.
4. And finally, I used a ramikin instead of the metal cup molds. I knew it probably might not work as well but who has chwee kueh molds lying around? And in the deep south east of America, the only way to get them is through eBay shipped from China... which takes forever and a month. 


But hey... pictures look great. Probably should have just chucked them in the bin instead of eating them cos I had the runs. all. freaking. day. Now I know that undercooked Chwee Kueh is bad for you. Now you know. Say no to Cui Kueh!

So ok, if you wanna have a hand at trying your own - go to this recipe. I have yet to venture again, and when I do, I will update this post with my hopefully improved results. 

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