Best Way to Travel out of Hong Kong Airport (HKIA)

Best Way to Travel out of Hong Kong Airport (HKIA)

Chances are, if you come to Hong Kong, you would be wondering how to get from the airport to your hotel or to your airbnb. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is about 40 km from the city centre. The only way out of the airport is either by bus, train or taxi.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much it would cost, one way.

Taxi to Hotel - HKD $250 to $400
Airport Express Train - HKD $44 to $110
Bus - HKD $15 - $40

Taxi to Hotel

Generally taxi is the most convenient. It takes you from the airport to the doorstep of your hotel. It also the most pricey. Although, taking a Hong Kong taxi is an experience in itself. HK taxi drivers are known to be speedsters, so buckle up to be safe. If you speak cantonese, it will be useful as most drivers speak limited English. However, there are airport staff who speak English at each taxi stand to help you if you are stuck. They also have these rate cards they hand out to you to give you a ballpark of how much you would expect to pay for the destination you are going, in case there is any misunderstanding with the driver. Expect to only pay in cash as all taxis pretty much don’t take any form of credit card payments.

Airport Express Train

You can buy an Airport Express Train ticket at the airport after arriving. Each one way ticket cost HKD $110 to Hong Kong Station or less if you are going to Kowloon Station. Depending on where your hotel is, after exiting at Hong Kong Station, you will need to find your way to your hotel which should be a breeze using the MTR. You will also need an Octopus Card, which you can easily purchase at Hong Kong Station.

The journey to Hong Kong Station takes 24 minutes, which, in some cases, can be faster than taking a taxi. Although it does not drop you at the door step of your hotel. There are cheaper ticketless online options at around HKD$75 (online price QR code ticket) with sites such as Klook.

Airport Bus

Airport buses are double deckers with bus numbers starting with the letter A or E, like the A11 that goes to Wan Chai.

Depending on the route, you might find yourself alighting right at the doorstep of you hotel. These airport buses also have a special luggage stowaway area to leave your luggage. Every bus is equipped with a CCTV at the luggage area with a constant feed to the screen upstairs, so you can keep an eye on your luggage. I’ve used airport buses often and never had any issue with my luggage missing. Just make sure you lock them and don’t leave anything valuable with it.

The downside? Although airport buses are all express services, travel time to city centre is usually 1 hour on average.

Google maps will help you plot your route, however, the KMB bus app is a useful companion app. You can search by bus numbers and it will show you the exact location of each bus stop on that route. It also tells you how long you have to wait for the next bus.

Bonus Airport Express ‘VIP SERVICE’

When you are leaving Hong Kong, depending on what time is your flight departs, taking the airport express might be a great experience. If you have pre-purchased your Airport Express ticket back to the airport, you can check-in early and drop off your luggage at Hong Kong Station. It is a free service. You can also do this at Kowloon Station. Note that this service is only for major airlines. Budget flights do not have this service. Good news is, if you get organised, you can even check in as early as one day before your flight. Say your flight is 10pm tomorrow evening, you can check in the first thing the counter opens, today, from 7.30am. Think of this as the equivalent of having the airport check-in counter at the train station. Once you check in your luggage, it will go all the way to the airport, to the plane and magically arrive at your destination airport. How cool is that?

Personally I find this is a better way to go to the airport. Since it is a free service and you will essentially be luggage-free on your last day in Hong Kong. You will feel like a VIP travelling light all the way to the airport.

To get the cheapest airport express ticket, use this link -

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