Favourite Eats in Hong Kong - Part 3 (Wan Chai & Causeway Bay)

Favourite Eats in Hong Kong - Part 3 (Wan Chai & Causeway Bay)

In Part 3 of my favourite eats series in Hong Kong, we look at the Wan Chai area filled with many good eats, with a spill over into Causeway Bay. Get ready for some good burgers and spanish tapas!

Delicious Kitchen

9-11 Cleverly Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

The Pork Rib Rice was our first ever good eats first recommended by a friend when we visited Hong Kong several years ago. This place has been consistent through the years and we always come back here, took friends back here, many many times over. It's on the quieter end of Fashion Walk at Causeway Bay. We like it, because the queues are never too long a wait. This is our other favourite pork rib rice, other than For Kee on the Sheung Wan side. Pork rib here is like a pork chop with a bit more batter, deep fried, crispy, sweet, tasty, chewy pork. You can have it with noodles or rice. There is also an option to order a double pork portion if you are in a binge mood. Lots of other dishes are also worth ordering, so be adventurous!

Honolulu Cafe

176 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Egg tarts here are excellent. Also the boloubao. Also the Milk tea. Everything else is rather ok or meh. There is a takeaway counter out the front with full display of baked goods. Most baked goods are ok, with the star being their egg tarts. Which is different from Tai Cheong bakery’s cookie base. Egg tarts here feature a crispy puff pastry base. Similar to a Macanese egg tart without the burnt caramel top layer. Definitely avoid the pandan sponge cake. Everything else is pretty all right.

Egg Tarts with flaky puff pastry at Honolulu Cafe in Wan Chai

Egg Tarts with flaky puff pastry at Honolulu Cafe in Wan Chai

Sharing a cuppa with the sister when she was in town, at Honolulu Cafe.

Sharing a cuppa with the sister when she was in town, at Honolulu Cafe.

Kam’s Roast Goose

226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Always crowded because tourist and famous.To be honest I have never dined here cos of the queues. Have had friends buying some for a dinner take out some time ago, but for the life of me, I cannot describe the memory, because, well I wasn’t as blown away as one would expect. Still, friends have always gone and come back with good reviews. I guess if you are feeling touristy and fomo is a fun game, why the hell not. This place is famous for their goose, obviously but apparently the roast pork is quite the best kept secret here. It’s also sold out fairly early in the day, so that’s a good sign.

Chrisly Cafe

6 Heard Street, Kwong Sang Hong Building, Wan Chai

If you've been to Australian Dairy, well this is the less touristy-be-prepared-to-be shouted-at, better local equivalent. Locals rate it and we've been and it checks out. We didn't get shouted at cos locals helped us order. Hong Kong scrambled eggs is no frills excellent soft and fluffy. Also comes with a bougie version with black truffle sprinkled atop. Great place to get some with toast and milk tea to experience local breakfast or brunch. Add a side of macaroni soup if you are in the mood for some.

Penang Prawn Noodle Shop

2 Landale Street, Wan Chai

If you happen to crave penang food for some reason, this is not too shabby. We come here when we are in the area. The prawn noodle here is really tasty, followed by the Lor Mee, which, is ok considering you can’t really find Lor Mee anywhere else. The laksa is unfrotunately pretty forgettable. Lacklustre, bland and flavorless. Which might work for those with a tame and afe pallette (aka, hates spicy and flavoiur punch types). This place is good for their Prawn Noodle and the sambal chilli, which is excellently home-made. If you want good Laksa, head around the corner to Rempah Noodles.

Lor Mee at Penang Prawn Noodle Shop

Rempah Noodles

G/F 18 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Voted best Laksa in Hong Kong. We have yet to go but everyone raves about this place. Laksa is pretty much the only thing they serve here. Other than singaporean snacks like kaya toast. Laksa and most Singaporean and Malaysian food is hard to find in Hong Kong. There were a few other good spots like Sama Sama in Sham Shui Po and Ipoh Restaurant in Wan Chai but both closed down more than a year ago. Closed on Sundays.

Ichiran Causeway Bay

440 Jaffe Rd, Lockhart House Block A, Shop F-I, G/F, Causeway Bay

Open 24 hours! Really really good ramen spot. Starts at around HKD95 for a basic bowl. This is the famous Fukuoka original Hakata ramen, sit in cubicle no need to talk to anyone anti-social dining experience.

Ichiran Ramen at Causeway Bay

Ichiran Ramen at Causeway Bay

Five Guys

60 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai

Our favourite burger chain from the US came to Hong Kong some time in 2018. To be honest, we haven’t been, just because, crowds. I really do want to be able to enjoy Five Guys burger without having to queue for long and then hunt for the ever elusive table. We did wait till the hype at Shake Shack died down before we ate there, so it will be a while before we dig into Five Guys. A good option would be to do a takeaway, perhaps. If you are staying at a hotel or airbnb nearby, I say why not.


6-7 Sun St, New Sun House, Wan Chai

If you are keen for something a lot less commercial, Honbo is a good choice. It’s just 5 minutes walk away from Five Guys. Brioche buns and simply well made burgers. They also have the soft shell crab burgers which ran out the last time I was there. Definitely a good alternative to Five Guys.

Sedap Gurih Indonesian Cuisine

21-23 Yee Wo St, Causeway Bay

Bonus: Halal Muslim Food! One of the things we miss is Muslim food! You can get them easily in Singapore but here in Hong Kong, it is a rare but not impossible find. We chanced upon this in late 2017. Food here is really decent. Tho, some days it can be inconsistent but it more or less hits the spot. If you crave Ayam Penyet, this is a good place to fix that. They also sell indonesia street food like deep fried snacks and desserts that you can pick up from the front of the shop. The shop is also flanked by many indonesian shops selling similar snacks and baked goods.

Also in the area…

Shari Shari Kakigori House
14 Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Dim Dim Sum Wan Chai
7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai

And for your coffee fix, check out,

The Coffee Academics
Newman House, Johnston Rd, Wan Chai
Good Coffee. They have several cafes around TST and Island side

Omotesando Koffee
200, 24-25 Queen's Rd E & Lee Tung St, Wan Chai
Japanese. Coffee. Very haiku spot.

I’m sure there are many more I might have missed out. Do you have recommendations of your own? Let me know in the comments below! Always on the hunt for good food in Hong Kong!

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