All in Musing On Life

Dusting Off

As it occurs, it's been 9 months since I updated this canvas. Been distracted with trying to get ahead in life, that I haven't taken pause to write and capture life on these shores. I find myself questioning the inertia without the proper words.

Equality & Fear

Today we celebrate Marriage Equality in Australia. We celebrate humanity taking another bold step forward to extend rights to protect and include everyone, regardless of who they choose to love. Today, I am proud to be Australian. Today, we begin a new page in history. Today, we all belong...

Auld Lang 2016

2016 has been a great year. Even though the world at large seems to have taken a beating with the passing of heroes and legends and what with the impending doom on the global political front. Personally, this past season has been one of the best. And I am thankful for an amazing year.

Breaking Habits

The challenge of cooking without much kitchen tools has never been more real till now. As a self professed goddess of home cuisine, I am nothing without my chopping board, knives, mixing bowl, pans, pots, oven and kitchen aid. Bare bones is what it is right now. It will be way after Christmas before we see any of our Miami kitchen tools. I am severely missing them.

Same Same But Different

Get ready for shoebox living! My friend quipped, when news broke that we were moving to Hong Kong. As you'd have known by now, we've crossed oceans to a vastly different part of the world. One that is somewhat familiar, yet strange in many ways. Strange because we are not used to how things work here. Familiar, because it looks like the kind of concrete jungle we grew up on.