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Sake Miso Pork Steak

Cooking pork chops is an art. The marinating is one part that involves time and the cooking part is time sensitive. Grill too long and you won't get the perfect texture. Too little and it doesn't pack enough flavour. Or worse, undercooked. You don't want an undercooked pork. It's actually not safe for consumption. There is a universal rule I learnt. And it's cooked to perfection in just 10 minutes!

Chickpea & Bean Salad

My number one go to bean salad. Low carb, hi protein without any dairy or animal product. Totally vegan and paleo. When I was on my #fit4forty journey to get fit and eat well, this was an absolute staple.  It is super easy and super fast to make. Literally chop, squeeze and toss.